Finding Peace and Quietness in the American Southwest
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Bryce Canyon is probably the most breathtaking national park I have ever seen with its brightly iron colored spires, amphitheater and gorge. The peacefulness here was remarkable and divine. Hiking practically all the trails here was a workout but absolutely … Read More

Colorful Transitions & Tree Scape
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Trees go through a yearly metamorphosis as the seasons change. Autumn is peak season in terms of color in foliage. Here are photos of trees in various parts of Massachusetts. Trees have a natural beauty whether barren or in full … Read More

Impressions of a Historic Garden’s Beauty and Wonder (August 2012)
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Botanical Garden / Ogród Botaniczny of the University of Wroclaw A summer visit to Wroclaw’s Botanical Garden (built in 1811) in Poland. A peaceful oasis right in the city center.  

The Breadth and Depth of Wroclaw Poland (August 2012)
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I explored Wroclaw Poland while on a student international volunteer program with Handshouse Studio. I visited the Old Town Square and Gross-Rosen concentration camp, among other sites. Wroclaw Old Town Square Street Art and Graffiti Churches Culture, Art, Architecture Footage of … Read More

Fright (August 2012)
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Gross-Rosen concentration camp, Silesia (now Rogoźnica), Poland Visiting the Gross-Rosen concentration camp was unreal. An estimated 125,000 inmates and 40,000 prisoners died there. The turmoil and cruel conditions they had to endure was unimaginable. We humans can be such heartless … Read More

Making History In Poland’s Sanctuaries (August 2012)
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A few months ago, I immersed myself in a meditative project at the White Stork Synagogue (the only surviving synagogue in Wroclaw since the Holocaust) in Poland. Handshouse Studio’s “Learn by Doing” approach has inspired individuals and students of various disciplines to … Read More

Summer at the White Continent (February 2011)
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My Antarctica adventure started out from Boston, stopping through Buenos Aires and Patagonia, then crossing turbulent Drake Passage to the Antarctic islands. It was penguin breeding season and summer in Antarctica. I could see the eggs, migration trails and penguins … Read More

The Colors, Shapes and Needs of Kenya (July-August 2010)
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My volunteer work at Kenya was both rewarding and adventurous. From watching the elephants and their young stroll through Maasai Mara during sunset, with Mount Kilimanjaro as the backdrop, to hitting water in the drilling of a well in rural … Read More

Crossing the Kenyan Border to Tanzania (August 2010)
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When I crossed the Kenyan border to Tanzania, my first observations were the colorful, patterned clothes worn, small textile stores and children all around. Since I had already spent some time in Kenya, I already noticed similarities in Tanzania. Tanzania, … Read More

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