Arizona Attractions & Escapism (September 2014 and May 2017)

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There are multiple tourist attractions in Arizona other than Grand Canyon, including Sedona Red Rock Canyon, Horseshoe Bend and Glen Canyon Dam. See how the Colorado River carved its way through the rocks by viewing the photo galleries below.

Sedona & Red Rock Canyon, Arizona

As I took a stroll around the town of Sedona in Arizona, I noticed that practically everything there served to help one relax. Sedona was practically a spiritual retreat or wellness center. It was said there were certain spots in Sedona where the spiritual vortex was heightened and could improve self-awareness. Native Americans have long used these vibes in their spiritual practices.

In addition to the serene Red Rock backdrop, there were fountains with trickling water, flower patches and streams. I came upon a number of metaphysical stores selling healing gemstones, psychic and tarot readings. There were art galleries and an open studio with artworks of different mediums. I even got the chance to step into a pottery studio and meet artists working on their projects. The pace in this town was slow and laid back to the point where it appeared to be in a state of lethargy. Sedona was a prime spot for luxury homes. The guide pointed out a few of these mansions to me during a day tour.


Glen Canyon Dam




Horseshoe Bend

Located just 5 miles from Glen Canyon Dam.



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