Digital Designs and Renderings, Product Designs

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Graphic designs created with Adobe Creative Suite applications, specifically Photoshop.

Online and print marketing collateral for products and services.

Digital designs and freehand sketches created with AutoCAD 2-D

“FRAME OF MIND: macrocosm vs microcosm” is a conceptual digital design that represents the vast complexity of the unknown. This art piece serves to push the mind to think outside the box. In order to see the bigger picture, i.e. life’s macrocosm, one might require a certain frame of mind and level of consciousness. Perhaps it is also the way in which the mind should frame information.

The neurons, depicted in this design, carry electrical signals that are essential for complex thought and mobility; however, they are also reliant on their ion rich environment to enable their function. Nebulae are used here as the substitute nourishing medium for neurons. They are distinguished by their gaseous chemicals and are the universe’s elementary component. Womb imagery was incorporated into the design to foster the idea of birth, renewal and growth. Maybe my interpretation of Stanley Kubrick’s film, “2001: A Space Odyssey” would be a relatively close analogy to this graphic design concept. The movie takes the viewer on a voyage filled with symbolism, essentially a tool to aid the viewer to obtain conscious awakening and self transformation (human evolution).

Graphic design created with Rhino

Architectural product design models and renderings created with AutoCAD 3-D. Original lamp designs and light fixtures

Architectural models and renderings created with Revit Architecture, Rhino and AutoCAD

Sydney Opera House (Architect: Jorn Utzon) and The Liberty hotel / formerly The Charles Street Jail (Architect: Gridley James Fox Bryant) created with Rhino

VIDEO created with Revit Architecture: Walkthrough of The Liberty Hotel (in Boston) rendered model

The Liberty hotel created with Revit Architecture –Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Barcelona Pavilion  (Architect: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe) created with AutoCAD 3-D

Art to Benefit Communities

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