France Trance (July 2018)
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  Paris Golden droplets Of summer sunlight Seep into the pores Inducing hazy calm. The twirling air Loops through dusty alleyways In a trance– Caught in the moment. A cold splash of deep, silent night Refreshes Resuscitates. Paris Gallery Rouen … Read More

The Green São Miguel Island, Azores Portugal (April 2017)
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São Miguel, one of the nine islands of the Azores and the largest among Portugal’s archipelago, was blooming with vegetation and pink flowers. In April with the low season, there was no traffic, nor lines to wait to enter tourist … Read More

A Grand Old Time In Stockholm, Sweden (July 2016)
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This was my second time in Stockholm, Sweden, in over a decade, and I saw a different side of the city in the summertime. Previously, I experienced a Stockholm that was covered in a blanket of snow, but was equally … Read More

Prague’s Architectural Wonderland (July 2016)
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Prague, in the Czech Republic, is like a portfolio of architectural styles and structures. Together, the city is greater than the sum of its parts. Each building design brought a different flavor to the city, giving tourists a unique experience. … Read More

Lisbon-Sintra: Timeless Exuberance in Detail (October 2015)
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Lisbon, shaken and bandaged by the 1755 earthquake, emerges with a new face, more beautiful with age. As Portugal’s capital, we found this old-world city standing tall from the toll. The Carmo Convent is the perfect testament to this with … Read More

Impressions of a Historic Garden’s Beauty and Wonder (August 2012)
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Botanical Garden / Ogród Botaniczny of the University of Wroclaw A summer visit to Wroclaw’s Botanical Garden (built in 1811) in Poland. A peaceful oasis right in the city center.  

The Breadth and Depth of Wroclaw Poland (August 2012)
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I explored Wroclaw Poland while on a student international volunteer program with Handshouse Studio. I visited the Old Town Square and Gross-Rosen concentration camp, among other sites. Wroclaw Old Town Square Street Art and Graffiti Churches Culture, Art, Architecture Footage of … Read More

Quiet Scenes From a Quintessential Resting Place (August 2012)
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Old Jewish Cemetery (Stary Cmentarz Zydowski) Visited this WWII battle ground site in Wroclaw, Poland. See video footage below.  

Making History In Poland’s Sanctuaries (August 2012)
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A few months ago, I immersed myself in a meditative project at the White Stork Synagogue (the only surviving synagogue in Wroclaw since the Holocaust) in Poland. Handshouse Studio’s “Learn by Doing” approach has inspired individuals and students of various disciplines to … Read More

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