Treasured Island (June 2009)

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Puerto Rico has a little of everything you would want on a vacation, including sun, warmth and breeze. Close by our hotel in San Juan were lovely beaches with palm trees, so just taking a stroll in the area was a pleasure. We had to be watchful of the camouflaged, cat-sized, green iguanas hidden in the grass. They were certainly a fun photography subject.

On our way to the Arecibo Observatory to see the largest radio telescope in the world, we passed by valleys and green pastures with farm animals grazing. At Fortress El Morro, near the San Juan Cemetery, there were families picnicking and flying kites that soared high in the sky. The children were freely running along the hilltops back and forth. In San Juan, we walked right into a Gay Pride parade and lunched nearby to enjoy the event from the windows. In the evening, there was Salsa dancing on Fortaleza Street of Old San Juan for their biannual SoFo Culinary Festival. Under the dim street lamps was a live band, outdoor dining and street performances.

As for a bit of adventure, driving along the narrow and steep streets of Old San Juan was enough to get the heart racing. Another outdoor activity was hiking the El Yunque National Forest, a tropical rainforest with waterfalls. There’s no excitement without a little rain. As we were touring the 27 acre Fort San Cristobal, it started pouring rain, but thankfully it did not last long and we were back on our merry way exploring the rest of the fortress.

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