New England Nooks & Crannies

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New England is filled with pockets of delight in all its nooks and crannies. Especially in places like Boston, where one can just take the public transportation everywhere, it makes driving and parking a non-issue. Day and night in any of the New England States is like winter with snow versus summer with green. This variety in Boston has allowed me to experiment with photography year after year. As the environment in New England changes season after season, so do the colors around me, whether I’m in town or near the sea shore. View some of my other photos in Massachusetts, including Cape Cod.

Boston Common recreational park and Copley, Massachusetts

Middlesex Fells Reservation

One of my favorite places to hike and take photos, especially in the autumn. The trails here are beautiful and well planned. There’s color in between rock crevices and under leaves.

Boston Harbor

North End, Boston

The North End, often called “Boston’s Little Italy”, is a charming community lined with delicious Italian restaurants, markets and apartments. It doesn’t make sense to drive here though as the streets are narrow with pedestrians. It’s actually more enjoyable to take a stroll in the neighborhood and observe the historic areas. For one of my photography commissions, I had the opportunity to take photos of Boston’s historic sites, which included the North End, for a permanent public collection at a nursing center right in this neighborhood!

Harvard Square, Cambridge

I recall crossing the Harvard Yard often to get to Harvard’s Science Center for my chemistry classes. It’s a lovely park area and I admired the entrance gate as seen in the photo here.

Pine Banks Park, MA

Lincoln Woods and Stinson Mountain, New Hampshire

East Sullivan and Bar Harbor, Maine

South Royalton,Vermont

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