Finding Peace and Quietness in the American Southwest

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Bryce Canyon is probably the most breathtaking national park I have ever seen with its brightly iron colored spires, amphitheater and gorge. The peacefulness here was remarkable and divine. Hiking practically all the trails here was a workout but absolutely worth every bit. I couldn’t help but do a little tai chi.

The Grand Canyon was also resplendent especially during sunset with its fiery red glow against the steep-sided valley. All the overlook points I’ve seen on the South Rim were simply magnificent, each offering a fresh new angle of the canyon.

Zion National Park, Monument Valley and Navajo National Monument all had their share of intricate rocks, views and history.


Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah


Zion National Park, Utah


Monument Valley, Utah-Arizona


Navajo National Monument, Arizona


Grand Canyon, Arizona

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