Jenny S.W. Lee Sound Art | Field Recording

Experimental Art, Sound Compositions & Acoustic Ecology

As a mixed media artist, I enjoy experimenting with collages and the layering of different mediums. I also enjoy exploring multimedia and mixing digital media with traditional art. Similarly, as a sound artist and biologist, I like to explore the interaction of natural sounds with man-made sounds, acoustic ecology and world building with sounds. Whether experimenting with sounds in a studio or in the field, the new sounds I hear enrich my life as they are completely new to me. By creating and recording different sounds using various tools and methods, I can then weave them together to bring narration to my sound compositions.

Imitating Musical Instruments & Psychoacoustics

The equipment I use and how I interact with different surfaces and environments create sounds that mimic musical instruments like the drums, or even a heartbeat. When I explore ways of using tools like contact microphones and hydrophones, I can determine how sounds affect me. Is the sound indicative of urgency? Do the lapping sounds of ocean waves against the seashore give the similar feeling or tingle of an autumn leaf floating in the breeze? These types of associations also allow me to explore the psychology behind hearing different sounds.

Sound Designs to Raise Awareness & Activism

I’m interested in how simple and complex sounds trigger memories, bring solace, excite, inspire and much more. We are in a world where humans can change their environments, and nature can change our moods at an instant. We are at a time when noise pollution can interfere with normal wildlife activity and affect human health. This interplay raises questions and concerns about the impacts of our actions and what nature can teach us. By exploring how to use sounds to wield different emotions, this can bring another element into my sound designs– to activate introspection, dialogue, wonder or questions.