Environmental & Ecosystem Sustainability | Ocean Conservation
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The world is our oyster as long as we protect, nurture and maintain its health. Individuals, groups and organizations have raised their hands to help or found ways to actively do so. The opportunities to support them are also available, … Read More

Children’s Literacy: Word by word, story by story (2023-2024)
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Think of how language and literacy have expanded our species and paved the way to new inventions. Every corner of the world, of diverse creatures, has evolved different ways of communicating for survival. How do children communicate their needs to … Read More

The Maritimes Evergreen | Eastern Canada Provinces (July 2023)
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In lieu of the Canada Day festivities until the start of the Indigenous Games, I traveled to the Maritimes and observed not only the impacts of the recent unprecedented wildfires, but also learned more about Canada’s history. The museums in … Read More

Whitehorse Whispers | Yukon, Canada (October 2022)
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Under the autumn aura, and away from the Pacific Northwest forest fires, the quiet simplicity of Whitehorse, Yukon was a breath of fresh air. I visited the Yukon Public Library just down the street from where I stayed, and a … Read More

Vancouver’s Green and Growth (June 2015 and October 2017- 2018, November 2021-2024)
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Vancouver’s gems included its green parks, architecture and beaches next to the city. I’ve been to this city ages ago as a child with my family, but unfortunately barely remembered anything about it. Now, I got the chance to explore … Read More

Butchart Gardens in Vancouver Island, British Columbia (October 2018)
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Over the past weekend for Canadian Thanksgiving, I traveled to Brentwood Bay in Vancouver Island to feast my eyes on the beauty of the Butchart Gardens. This 55-acre park, similar in size to the VanDusen botanical garden in Vancouver, included a … Read More

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