Children’s Literacy: Word by word, story by story (2023-2024)

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Think of how language and literacy have expanded our species and paved the way to new inventions. Every corner of the world, of diverse creatures, has evolved different ways of communicating for survival. How do children communicate their needs to their parents, and vice versa?

As a reading tutor at the non-profit organization, ONE TO ONE: A Children’s Literacy Program, I have the opportunity to read stories with elementary school students, crafted by writers and illustrators of different genres. We also play games to balance with the reading that exercise skills to enhance learning in a comfortable environment. Learning should be fun.

The books selected in our reading sessions take into consideration the student’s reading level, school grade level, recommendations by teachers and parents, and student’s interests, whether it is music, dance, Halloween, dogs and cats, etc.

Children’s books can transport us to new places and adventures, within ourselves, and beyond. We all start from somewhere. I’m happy to contribute to the growth of children by helping them navigate the world of words and concepts.

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