Artist Statement

As a lifelong artist, I strive to observe things that most other people overlook. Art frees us and ignores rigid perceptions. My artwork serves this purpose of revealing the essence in our experiences highlighted by people, places, and activities. I like to experiment with the concept of how combinations of geometry, colors, textures, text and sounds trigger emotions, so that I seek to understand what the mind perceives as beautiful, interesting and satiating. Learn more about my art styles and how I’ve used my creativity to help communities.

The Mosaic Fingerprint

I created this site, “The Mosaic Fingerprint”, to promote uniqueness through consciousness development. It serves to inspire, educate, and encourage expression. Creativity and imagination work hand-in-hand and are essential resources for growth. This diagram shows The Mosaic Fingerprint’s model of evolution and growth.

The Mosaic Fingerprint model of 'Evolution and Growth'. "Energy States" originate from the 'debris' state at the red center.

Professional Experience

Aside from my freelance work as an artist and photographer, I’m a digital marketing professional. I’ve also worked as a biologist in both biotechnology and academic settings, co-authoring peer-reviewed, scientific publications; aquatic organisms like zebrafish were central to my research in uncovering novel pathways for therapeutic intervention in pathogenesis and oncology. My professional experience spans several different industries, i.e. scientific R&D, healthcare/clinical research, architecture, construction, automotive, broadcasting, insurance, restaurant, marketing & communications, and information technology. Connect with me on LinkedIn.