Colorful Tibetan Lifestyle (June 2007)
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Upon landing at Lhasa, Tibet, at an elevation of over 11,000 feet above sea level, our Tibetan tour guide draped around our necks a white silk scarf, the color of compassion. Shadows of clouds were cast against the surrounding mountains. … Read More

Mexican Civilization Past and Present (August 2005)
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I explored the art and culture of Mexico City and Teotihuacan. Some of the highlights included the Metropolitan Cathedral, San Francisco Church and Museum of Anthropology. The Laboratorio de Arte Alameda (LAA) in Mexico City focused on the art-technology dialogue … Read More

Morocco Through My Eyes (May 2003)
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Initially drafted in a torn magazine during my flight home from Morocco, I wrote a poem inspired by a culture separate from our time. It’s a nation that often stands only to be seen from the corner of our eyes … Read More

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