Lode Space

Enriching memories through multimedia videos, photos and blogs. Exploring imagination and innovation via graphics, mixed media and designs. Fostering creative connections to benefit communities.

24th Aug 2014

Whale Waves Watch

Exploring the resilience of water...

04th Jul 2014

Under Dunes of Salisbury Beach

01st Jun 2013
The Essence of Time

The Essence of Time

Approaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit, Spring begins...

05th Jan 2013
art enrichment programs for youths

Fostering Creativity In Youths

As an Instructor at Salem...

07th Dec 2012
Natural stone designs

Magical Lode

Check out our Pinterest page...

03rd Dec 2012
Microcosm versus macrocosm digital design created by Jenny S.W. Lee

Digital Designs and Renderings

Graphic designs created with Adobe...

02nd Dec 2012
Watercolor paint on non-watercolor paper.

Mixed Media

Mixed media collage paintings with...

02nd Dec 2012
Paradise Harbor, Antarctica

Summer at the White Continent

Passing through Argentina. Buenos Aires...