Arizona – Upper Antelope Canyon – Light Geometry


Visiting Antelope Canyon on Navajo Nation boundary at the American Southwest. This slot canyon is a geometrical splendor, preserving the footprints of wind and water.

Arizona – Grand Canyon – a second look


Summer hike at the South Rim. Overlook views of Grand Canyon include Hermits Rest, Pima Point, Monument Creek Vista, The Abyss, Mohave Point, Hopi Point, Powell Point, Maricopa Point, Bright Angel trail, Yavapai Point, Mather Point, Yaki Point, South Kaibab and Pipe Creek Vista.

Arizona – Sedona Red Rocks and Escapism


Glen Canyon Dam Horseshoe Bend

Whale Waves Watch


Exploring the resilience of water and the dynamic home it provides for whales.

Under Dunes of Salisbury Beach


The Essence of Time

The Essence of Time

Approaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit, Spring begins to feel the pricks of the broom. Almost mechanically, people rushed to the beach. A clock, just steps from the sandy Revere Beach, ushers in a sense of order and formality. Pieces of technology like the clock stood out against the natural sunset, while framing the beauty of minimalism and metaphors.  

Fostering Creativity In Youths

art enrichment programs for youths

[fblike] As an Instructor at Salem Cyberspace from 2010-2011, my tasks involved designing, developing, and presenting art curriculum to school-age children from underserved families as part of the non-profit afterschool Art Enrichment Program. From program planning to preserving the limited budget, I developed lessons, activities, and exercises to engage students that foster creativity. My workshops actively encouraged artistic exploration and expression, providing…

Magical Lode

Natural stone designs

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